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Taurus Cloth Saints of Taurus
The Taurus Saints are hardy and strong. In fact, they are the most powerful of all the Gold Saints when it comes to physical strength. But they are far from dumb brutes, for they are also among the wisest and most compassionate of Saints. Aldebaran is the Taurus Saint of modern times in the original Saint Seiya, Hasgard (also known as Aldebaran) is the Taurus Saint of the 18th century in Lost Canvas, and Ox is the Taurus Saint of the 18th century in Next Dimension.

Taurus Aldebaran
Aldebaran is a good natured, easy going kind
of guy who is able to laugh in the face of adversity
and enjoy the simple things in life. He values honor,  
integrity, and passion in battle. When he witnessed the  
tenacity of Pegasus Seiya during their duel he developed  
a liking for the young Bronze Saint and decided to give him  
a break. All Seiya had to do for Aldebaran to let him pass  
was to cut off one of the horns on his helmet. Seiya did  
more than that. He saw through Aldebaran's Great Horn,  
a technique executed at the speed of light and reputed  
to be the fastest among the Saints, and reached the  
7th sense in order to break the horn. Aldebaran  
was duly impressed by Seiya's performance and  
let him pass, as promised. They later became  
great friends. Unfortunately, when the  
Holy War started, Aldebaran was the  
first to get killed. He was surprised by Deep Niobe,
and obliterated him with the Great Horn attack
even as he succumbed to the power of
Niobe's Deep Fragrance.


Taurus Hasgard
Hasgard is this Gold Saint's original name,
but he changed it to Aldebaran, after the brightest
star in the Taurus constellation, to symbolize his life of
dedication to Athena. He has trained three pupils - Celintha,
Saro, and Teneo - but his role as a mentor is extended to all in
Sanctuary. He is as brave as he is fair, and has great insight into
the hearts of others. He has even inspired respect in his enemies. 
When he ran into the short tempered Bennu Kagaho, Hasgard saw
there was no true evil in Kagahos soul. He tried to make Kagaho listen
to reason, but that just enraged Kagaho all the more, and although
Hasgard emerged victorious, he was full of wounds that put him at
a great disadvantage in his fight against Bat Wimber and Dullahan
Cube. He eluded the sonic attack of Wimber's bats by piercing
his ears, but couldn't avoid Cube's Death Messenger, which
stopped the beating of his heart. Still, Hasgard remained
stubborn as a bull and wouldn't allow these Specters
to pass. In his death throes he unleashed a Titan's
Nova of epic proportions that obliterated
everything in its path.
Taurus Ox Taurus Ox
Ox first appears about to deal out punishment on Aries Shion, Libra Dohko, and Pegasus Tenma after they go off on their own to try to fight Hades. He acted big and menacing but was in actuality just trying to scare them a bit. So far, he seems like a well-meaning and good-humored kind of guy. He is present when Athena arrives in the 18th century from the future.
Taurus Techniques
Great Horn Great Horn
Although Taurus faces his opponent with crossed arms, they should not be fooled. He only takes this stance to improve the power of his attack. He then uncrosses them and pumps them at the speed of light, sending devastating waves of Cosmo through the air to crush his target.
Big Bulge Big Bulge
Taurus charges his opponent like a rampaging bull, with an outstretched fist to deliver a Cosmo-laden blow at the speed of light.
Titan's Nova Titan's Nova
This has only been used by Hasgard, but it appears to call forth energy from the ground, ripping up boulders and levitating them into the air before having them rain back down on the opponent.
Group Techniques
Supernova Sunlight*
The Zodiac constellations have long bathed in the light of the Sun, and the Gold armors that represent them have absorbed an infinite amount of sunlight. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.
This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. Although it is said that Athena Exclamation has the force of the Big Bang, Supernova is undoubtedly more powerful, since it utilizes the combined strength of twelve Gold Saints instead of three. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Knights of the Zodiac

*This technique does not, as far as I know, have an official name. I just gave it a descriptive name.

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