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...Gameplay & Cinematics
If you came here looking for game cinematics, gameplay videos, or trailers, I sadly inform you that my server can't handle such a drain on bandwidth. However, you can find tons of them on these wonderful sites:

Devil's Lair (all the cinematics, great gameplay, and a few music videos, and much more)
Devil's Chapel (a few cinematics and some rare game trailers)
The Hand Vs Eye
(some of the most advanced gameplay on the net)

Devil May Cry Anime ...Anime
This 12-episode anime was produced by Mad House, who had a hand in shows like Death Note, Hellsing, Chobits, etc. So what went so @#%& WRONG?! Come on, people, you have 3 games, 2 books, and 2 manga volumes worth of background to draw on and you give us Dante playing... death poker?? Are you @#%& kidding me?? The series has one story per episode for the first 10 episodes, and only develops a coherent plot in 11 and 12. The stories are boring, the action is practically nonexistent, and Dante is more of a cameo than the main character.

Who the hell is the target audience here?? DMC demons do not haunt the world like ghosts and manipulate people from the sidelines. They drop down from portals and immediately get in your face with claws and lasers! But there's barely 10 seconds of action per episode, and crappy action at that. Most of it involved Dante shooting something in the head. If anything interesting does happen, it happens offscreen and is never explained. How do you get that from a gaming franchise built on outlandishly stylish fighting?? By the way, Dante hardly talks and has no attitude. Yeah, out of DMC1 and DMC3 they picked DMC2 zombie-Dante. And whose idea was it to make Dante babysit an annoying little girl?? Ugh...

Anyway, here's a link to the Image Gallery at Devil's Lair. ^_^;;

...Full-Length Movie
Capcom movie: Although there is talk of a full length official Devil May Cry movie, nothing, not even if it is live action or computer generated, is known. I hope it's computer generated, FFVII: Advent Children-style, because frankly I don't think there is anyone out there that can play Dante. But, if I were to choose, my first pick would be a very made over Ryan Reynolds or Reuben Langdon. For now, I guess we shall have to settle for clicking "Play All" on Demo Digest.

"Sins Remembered": There is a fan movie being made in the USA. The director is R.L. Scott and you can learn more about him and the movie at his MySpace page and in this interview. It is, in his own words: "a promotional film that will be screened by Capcom execs at this year's Dragoncon in Atlanta. I was given the daunting task of creating a live action rendition of the film which will be used to promote a full length feature script called 'Devil Hunter.' It is in the same genre as DMC although it is very different in terms of the story. I decided that it would be the best way to get their attention."

"The Tears of Sparda": Another fan movie is being made in the UK. It is set after Devil May Cry 1, and the cast includes Dante, Vergil, Trish, and Lady. The crew seems to all be on Deviant Art, so I'll link their pages: Dante, Vergil/Director, the Writer, and the Villain. You can also visit their Official Site, Official Production Blog, or watch a video interview with the Director about the film. If you ask me, this looks more promising than "Sins Remembered." And by that I mean the guys are way hotter.

...Sound DVD Books
What has been released, are something called a "Sound DVD Book" for each game. Don't try to make sense of the term "Sound DVD Book." Think of it in terms of a video soundtrack featuring gameplay and accompanied by a short but colorful book. If anything, perhaps it was meant to be called "Sound, DVD, Book"... cause that's what you get.

Devil May Cry Sound DVD Book:
The Sacred Heart
1. Devil Sunday (The theme of Sparda)
2. Public Enemy
3. Psycho Siren
4. Red-Hot Juice
5. Ultra Violet (The theme of Vergil)
6. Lock and Load (The theme of Dante)
7. Flock Off!
8. Karnival
9. Mental Machine
10. Evil Vaccuum
11. Anarchy in the V.W.
12. The Theme of Eva
13. Legendary Battle
14.Bloody Bladder
15. I'm Coming!
16. Blue Orgasm
17. Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love
18. Pillow Talk
19. Super Public Enemy
20. S

Watch some of these at Devil's Chapel!

Devil May Cry 2 Sound DVD Book:
Dance With The Devil

1. Shoot the Works
2. Eye of the Wind
3. Fire Away
4. Cursed Giant
5. Demon's Paradise
6. Parasitic Evil
7. Evil Tower
8. Faithful Servant
9. Destructive Step
10. Uncanny Noise
11. Blasphemy
12. Cry for the Moon
13. Realize, Regret... Resolution
14. Darkness Instinct
15. Heads or Tails
16. Show Time!
17. Dance with Devils ("D" Mix)

Watch some of these at Devil's Chapel!

Devil May Cry 3 Sound DVD Book:
Raising The Devil
1. Raising the Devil
2. Roar of Anger
3. Out of my Way
4. Fire & Ice
5. The Encounter
6. Broken Hearted
7. Hot as a Bullet
8. Gigantic Guard
9. Wild-Eyed Evil
10. Horse Rider to Hell
11. One More Game
12. Vengeance
13. Her Mind Surrendered
14. In the Shadow
15. Heaven in Hell
16. Out of Control
17. Blood on Blood
18. Devils Never Cry
19. Devils Never Cry - dark half mix

Watch it at Devil's Lair!

Devil May Cry: Trinity of Fates Devil May Cry Film DVD Book:
The Trinity of Fates
This contains information on the first three Devil May Cry games, including Dante's way of life, a description of characters, background about the story and production, and scenes of stylish action.


DISCLAIMER: All artwork, characters, stories, music, video, and books are Copyright CAPCOM and ATLUS. They are NOT of my making. No copyright infringement is intended.

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