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Though Dante is the star of the Devil May Cry series, he has also guest starred in a handful of other Playstation 2 games.
DMC1 ...Devil May Cry (2001)
The first time I played Devil May Cry, I got lost in the entrance hall of the castle for at least 20 minutes due to the erratic camera angles. But so long as I got to see Dante run around, I didn't mind. I could stay up all night watching Dante practice jumping onto the central statue's spearhead to release the coveted 100 red orbs without getting frustrated. The game starts when a clone of Dante's mother breaks into his office, electrocutes him, and stabs him through the chest with his own sword before enlisting his help to stop an immanent demonic invasion on Mallet Island. Before he knew it, Dante was facing none other than Mundus, the ruler of Hell who his legendary father sealed centuries before.


Dante's Voice Actor: Drew Coombs
Vergil's Voice Actor: David Keeley

DMC2 ...Devil May Cry 2 (2003)
I played this for about 5 minutes in the opening practice area. I wandered around, I ran up a wall, and I decided that it was too pretty for me to play at the time. I later went back to it and discovered for myself what everybody else already claimed: that the game was too easy, monotone, and Dante was stripped of his attitude and flair. In fact, Dante barely ever talked at all. Many refuse to even acknowledge this game as part of the series. But still, Dante is Dante and I'll be grateful for anything with him that I can get my hands on.


The Japanese commercial for Devil May Cry 2 is blissfully amazing, and can be found HERE.

Dante's Voice Actor: Matthew Kaminsky


...Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (2005)

Unlock All Code: On the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and twirl the left analog stick until you hear a voice say "Devil May Cry" to unlock all difficulty modes, costumes, and gallery.

I reserved this game and got it the first day it was out but didn't play it until a month later. Why? It was way too pretty and I was afraid that my brain would short circuit from sensory overload unless I found a way to gradually desensitize myself to the graphics. At first I just listened to my friends play it, then I took quick peeks before finally being able to to watch the gameplay. Eventually I dared to play it for myself and it went smoother than expected. I was not too distracted by pretty colors, although I still can't believe I didn't freeze up the first time I had to fight the hotness that is Vergil.


After complaints that DMC2 was too easy, Capcom released DMC3 with a shifted difficulty scale, so that USA's "Normal" mode was actually Japan's "Hard" mode. There were no save points and the missions could get rather long. If you died, you had to start over unless you were willing to use a rare Yellow Orb and resurrect in a previous room. I never minded starting over. Even though there were no save points, you could still save the Red Orbs you collected. So, the way I saw it, starting over = more red orbs and more Dante, and that is always a good thing.

Defeat 100 enemies during the final credits to watch Vergil's special ending. If all else fails, do it in Heaven or Hell mode.

Dante's Voice Actor: Reuben Langdon
Vergil's Voice Actor: Dan Southworth


...Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (2006)

Unlock All Code: On the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + up/left on directional pad + down/right on left analog stick to unlock all difficulty modes, costumes, and gallery.

After complaints that the original USA release of DMC3 was too hard, the Special Edition was released equal to the Japanese version in difficulty. An optional enhanced continue system was added that allowed you to start from a previous room upon death without needing a Yellow Orb or, if you had a Yellow Orb, continue the fight right where you left off. This prompted complaints that Capcom sold out and made the game too easy. STOP WHINING YOU @#$& MORONS!!!


There are enough changes between the two versions of Devil May Cry 3 for me to think twice before deciding which one I want to play at any given time. Some of the more obvious changes are:

1) Demo Digest: an inbuilt cinematics viewer where you can either choose a single cutscene to watch or click "play all" and watch them as a ~90 minute movie. I used to have to play the first release in Heaven or Hell mode to breeze through missions quickly in order to get to a cutscene, so this is an invaluable addition that is alone worthy of the price.
2) Bloody Palace: otherwise known as the Red Orb shopping mall, this is a 9999-floor dungeon crawl with progressively more powerful enemies the higher up you go. Enemies on the top levels are devil triggered and the rooms with several Hell Vanguards are a real killer! But you do not have to go up rooms one by one. The Fire Portal takes you up 100 floors, the Electricity Portal take you up 10 floors and gives you a Purple Orb to replenish your devil trigger, and the Water Portal takes you up 1 floor but gives you a Green Orb to replenish your health. The enemies on each floor are not random, so it is possible to map your way and avoid the more troublesome rooms.
3) Turbo Mode: speeds up the game for 20% faster gameplay.
4) Jester Boss: you now fight the Jester at three places throughout the game.
5) VERGIL IS PLAYABLE!! Dante's brother has his own costumes, his own weapons, his own moves, his own style, but sadly none of his own cinematics besides a new introduction. In parts of the game where you would normally fight Vergil, Vergil fights himself, so instead of saying "Dante... Dante... Dante..." at the conclusion of the final duel, Vergil says "Rediculous..."

Some of the more subtle changes are:

1) Game is HARDER: the AI has been tweaked, more enemies have been added, the passive Dullahans now attack you, and we have a new boss, so if you play the game at a difficulty equivalent to the first release (Normal mode = Hard mode if you go by US version) and stick to the original Yellow Orb system for continues, it is indeed harder.
2) Devil Trigger Fixed: the Super Dante costume devil trigger exploits that allowed for indefinite Quicksilver ("God Mode") and Doppelganger ("2-Player Mode") has been fixed to drain the devil gauge. This can be inconvenient for those that liked the freedom offered by first release's Super Dante.

Dante's Voice Actor: Reuben Langdon
Vergil's Voice Actor: Dan Southworth

Devil May Cry 4 ...Devil May Cry 4 (2008)
For the first time in DMC history, the game distanced itself from Dante and introduced Nero as a new main character. But this was not the only DMC standard this sequel overturned. It also broke the long tradition of strong, independent females and brought in an utterly useless love interest. ~_~; The new mechanism of Nero's Devil Bringer strikes a tense balance with DMC's traditional reliance on guns and swords, and I would much rather it be left out of the game.


Nero has big shoes to fill and fails completely. There's nothing horribly wrong with him, but there's nothing interesting either. He is you average textbook hero out to rescue his girlfriend. His powers are reduced to three things: a one-handed sword, a one-handed gun, and a one-handed demonic arm. He has no potential to dual wield weapons!! And I NEED dual wield! This arm also glows when near hidden objects, taking all the challenge away from exploration. Its powers bring clumsy brute strength to a game that has always been about speed, finesse, and timing. Despite this, Nero is considerably less powerful than Dante. Indeed, compared to DMC3, this game feels like a toy designed for a one-handed freak!

The plunge in difficulty is especially noticeable when Dante takes over. And that's another pattern it breaks from other DMC games: you do not play a single character all the way through. Nero has missions 1-11, 19-20; Dante has missions 12-18. Without going into too much detail, I'll run through some Pro's and Con's:

1) Graphics are better.
2) Cutscenes are awesome! (*cough*Lucifer*cough*)
3) Gameplay is smooth, fun, and stylish as always.
4) Dante gets a significant power boost from DMC3 with his ability to switch Styles and weapons on the fly.
5) Nice soundtrack.

1) Nero gets the majority of the missions.
2) Romance-driven plot makes me cringe.
3) Missions are repetitive.
4) Bosses are even more repetitive.
5) Only 4 acquirable weapons in the game. (All of them by Dante - Yay!)
6) No alternate costumes besides Super Dante/Nero.
7) No alternate characters: can't even choose between Dante and Nero for missions.
8) Bloody Palace was better in DMC3, where it didn't have a timer and you could choose your floor.
9) Devil Bringer makes me feel like I'm playing God of War.
10) No Vergil! (At least not overtly)

Despite all this, I truly do love the game. It might not live up to DMC3, but few things can. It's fun in its own right. Much as I want Nero to drop off the face of the Earth in DMC5, I realize this isn't going to happen and I only pray he finds a niche that doesn't take away from Dante or from Vergil's possible reintroduction into the series.

Dante's Voice Actor: Reuben Langdon
Credo's Voice Actor: Dan Southworth
Nero's Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

Viewtiful Joe

...Viewtiful Joe (2004)

Unlock All Code: On the title screen, press L1, R1, L1, R1, up, down, left, right, triangle and circle to unlock all hidden characters, difficulties, and a music video.

Dante becomes selectable as a playable character once you clear the game on any difficulty (or use the cheat code above). Unlike Joe, he uses a sword and has his trademark guns for range attacks. Dante's story mode apparently fills in some gaps between the Devil May Cry 01 novel and the Devil May Cry game. A personified version of Alastor, his sword from Devil May Cry, is also a bonus playable character. So is Trish. The game severely weirded me out the first time I played it, but it has grown on me.

There are parts of the game where Dante appears in his underwear, at which point Trish asks if a girl stole his clothes and Dante explains that he lost them in a bet with Enzo. That line spawned hopeful rumors that the Dante in Devil May Cry 2 is an imposter, fueled by further "evidence" that the DMC2 handbook refers to Ebony & Ivory as revolvers when they are clearly described as semi-automatic handguns in the first game and the fact that Dante did not have Alastor in DMC2. Fun thought, but highly unlikely, as I don't think any amount of exercise can make Enzo look and fight like DMC2 Dante.

Dante's Voice Actor: Drew Coombs

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ...Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2011)
I gotta say I was very excited about this game since I've always wanted to play Dante in a pure fighting genre, but my ignorance about the Marvel vs Capcom format left me disillusioned. I thought I could be all Dante, all the time, and was annoyed when I found out it's only tag team. This is a very chaotic game, with 6 characters (3 on your side, 3 on your opponent's) juggling screen time. Whenever characters toggle, their theme plays, resulting in something closer to an orchestral battle than a soundtrack. The controls also rarely listen to what you want them to do. But hey, Dante is Dante, and I'll take whatever I can get. I usually play a Dante, Trish, and Amaterasu tag team, and that's tolerable. Defeating the final boss as Dante unlocks Dante's 3D model which I can rotate and stare at for hours.

Dante's Voice Actor: Reuben Langdon

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne ...Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (2004)
A revolutionary RPG from Atlus that has not gone down in popularity even though it's out of print. I've been told that I'd "probably have to go down on a gay dude to get the game." I think I'll stick to eBay. Anyways, Dante makes a cameo appearance here by diving down from a rooftop and terrorizing you across the city streets. It is very hard to get him to join your party, but not impossible, and I will make it happen even if I have to drink blood out of his boots! He is a very welcome addition to any party since I hear his statistics are quite droolworthy. Dante was summoned by Lucifer to collect the Candelabrums he gave to a bunch of powerful demons, and you have to defeat all of them and accept Lucifer's offer before you can get Dante as an ally.

A trailer promoting Dante's cameo can be found HERE.

Fighting Evolution ...Capcom Fighting Evolution (2004)
Dante appears in Jedah Dohma's ending, but for only a matter of seconds and you don't even see his face. 


DISCLAIMER: All artwork, characters, stories, music, video, and books are Copyright CAPCOM and ATLUS. They are NOT of my making. No copyright infringement is intended.

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