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Dante is well known for his badass attitude, so there is no shortage of quotes from the games:

...Devil May Cry
"I hope for your sake you've got something inside that big body of yours!" ~Dante~

"Flock Off, feather face!" ~Dante~

"Mundus... His heinous ways make me sick... killing even his own... like they were nothing." ~Dante~

"My mother used to always tell me that my father was a man who fought for the weak. He had courage and righteous heart. In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!" ~Dante~

"A man with guts and honor. I like that." ~Dante~

"You may look like my mother but you're nowhere close to her. You have no soul. You have the face, but you'll never have her fire!" ~Dante~

"My mother risked her life for me... and now you too... I should have saved you. I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!" ~Dante~

"Jackpot!" ~Dante~

"Goodbye. And when you do come back, give my regards to my son will ya!" ~Dante~


...Devil May Cry 2
"......." ~Dante~


...Devil May Cry 3
"I can already tell, looks like this is going to be one hell of a party!" ~Dante~

"Damn it! You guys totally wrecked my shop! And I haven't even named it yet! You are going to pay for that." ~Dante~

"Easy, Fido! How about I take you out for a walks? Come on puppy, lets go!" ~Dante~

"Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder the sky looked funny today." ~Dante~

"Here I am trying to help you, and you show your thanks by shooting me?! Whatever. Do as you please. I'm beginning to think that I've got rotten luck with women." ~Dante~

"You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left." ~Dante~

"My sincerest apology brother. I was so eager to see you, I couldn't concentrate on preparations for the bash." ~Vergil~

"Whatever, at any rate, it's been a whole year since we last met. How 'bout a kiss from your little brother? Or better yet how about a kiss from THIS!" ~Dante~

"Why do you refuse to gain power? The power of our father of our father Sparda?" ~Vergil~

"Foolishness, Dante. Foolishness... Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself." ~Vergil~

"If you're asking for a date, forget it. 'Cause I make it a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head!" ~Dante~

"Why didn't you kill her? Perhaps because she's your daughter? Did some pesky fatherly love get in your way? To further your study of the black arts, you sacrificed your loving wife. To become a devil as well. Knowing this, I thought you'd be more useful to me, but I was wrong. No wonder your attainment of power is incomplete. Now that the final door is open, I have no use for you." ~Vergil~

"Well, we have something in common. I have a dysfunctional family, too." ~Dante~

"You poor thing. Didn't your mother ever teach you how to use a door?" ~Dante~

"It bugs the crap out of me when somebody talks more than I do." ~Dante~

"Dude, my father wasn't so hideous. Can't you tell by looking at me?" ~Dante~

"I've come to retrieve my power. You can't handle it." ~Vergil~

"Look at you... making a big dramatic entrance and stealing my spotlight." ~Dante~

"Jackpot!" ~Dante & Vergil~

"We are the sons of Sparda! Within each of us flows his blood, but more importantly, his soul!" ~Dante~

"Unfortunately, our souls are at odds, brother. I need more power!" ~Vergil~


...Devil May Cry 4
"So you're looking to play, huh? Alright, I guess I have some time to kill..." ~Dante~

"Adios, kid." ~Dante~

"I'm here for the sword. It was originally my brother's... Return it to me and I'll let you go, kid." ~Dante~

"Well, if the kid screws up, then I'll just have to kick his ass." ~Dante~

"Hey, kid, you giving up so soon? So melodramatic. Besides, if you die without giving me my sword back, I'm gonna be pissed!" ~Dante~

"Hah! Check it out! It's got wings!" ~Dante~

"I'll do it. I wouldn't want to deny anyone their dying request." ~Dante~

"That's a solid performance for an old fart like you." ~Dante~

"Things always gotta be complicated..." ~Dante~

"Glad I got your attention. I was beginning to feel a little ignored." ~Dante~

"A fight every now and again does make life more interesting. Don't ya think?" ~Dante~

"You can hide that body, but that smell... Hoo! There's no covering that up!" ~Dante~

"Wish you would've noticed me earlier. Now my coat's all charred." ~Dante~

"You can stay and die or you can walk your ugly ass back through that gate. It's your call, pal." ~Dante~

"First I whip it out! Then I thrust it! With great force! Every angle...! It penetrates! Until...! With great strength...! I... ram it in! In the end... We are all satisfied... And you are set free...!" ~Dante~

"You summon and kill... Summon and kill... I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity the price to pay FOR POWER!?" ~Dante~

"You will fumble in your opposition of my quest. Though I encourage! For an opportunity to battle a being of such grand delusion as you, is a sweet fortune!" ~Dante~

"I know this is a major cultural artifact but it's bad for the community." ~Dante~

"Sounds like you're overcompensating... Besides, I didn't want you to get a creak in your neck from lookin' down at me." ~Dante~

"Okay, are you ready? C'mon babes, LETS ROCK!!" ~Dante~

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