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Dante's appearance changes from game to game, from concept art to renders, from manga to novel, so his exact features are left to the imagination. There is certainly a plethora of fan art out there, each with their own take on Dante's look. He is very lean and toned, but I would not go so far as to call him muscular. The way I see it, picture the most perfect white-haired being you can imagine, and you'll be right on.

Here is a general rundown of his various incarnations:

DMC1 Dante ...Devil May Cry 1 Dante
Very decent looking. Not too young, not too old. Obviously the first version everybody falls in love with. His outfit is stylish and modest.
DMC2 Dante ...Devil May Cry 2 Dante
I like what they did with his hair, but everything else? Yieek... He looks old, his skin is terrible, and the outfit isn't even a full trench-coat! My least favorite of his designs.
DMC3 Dante ...Devil May Cry 3 Dante
A much appreciated younger Dante who looks really hot from most angles of the cinematics. My definite favorite of the three games. His main outfit is my favorite of the three, too, not to mention that there's shirtless costumes.
DMC4 Dante ...Devil May Cry 4 Dante
Yes, he's not the main character. Yes, he has a five o'clock shadow. But somehow, this picture makes it all worthwhile!! *_* Dante is stylish and sexy, as always, but perhaps his most prominent feature in DMC4 are his piercing eyes.

Viewtiful Joe Dante ...Viewtiful Joe Dante
Although you can play him in his undies and it's a fun game, it is a chibi (cutesy, big head on small body) version of DMC1 Dante, and I am not partial to chibis.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Dante ...Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Dante
A smoother version of DMC2's Dante.


Anime Dante ...Anime Dante
The Devil May Cry anime series may be horrible, but Dante is Dante, and at least they got the character design right!

DMC3 Manga Dante ...Devil May Cry 3 Manga Dante
Sheer youthful androgynous perfection! I love his manga version! I love it to pieces!!

Dreamwave Comics Dante ...Dreamwave Comics Dante
A United States comic book company that draws beautiful, slender men? No wonder they went out of business! I only mourn that the final issue was never released.
Devil May Cry 01 Dante ...Devil May Cry 01 Dante
The novel has illustrations featuring a slightly younger DMC1 Dante in the same outfit. Very nice.

Devil May Cry 02 Dante ...Devil May Cry 02 Dante
The novel has illustrations featuring Dante in the DMC2 outfit, but prettier.

DISCLAIMER: All artwork, characters, stories, music, video, and books are Copyright CAPCOM and ATLUS. They are NOT of my making. No copyright infringement is intended.



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