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Fan Art.....
Devils Never Cry
Devils Never Cry

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Music Videos.....

Sibling Rivalry ~ 03/06/2006
Why N'sync? Because nobody else would...

But I suppose I should explain:
1) I find disturbing imagery set to happy music amusing.
2) I think the song actually fits Dante and Vergil's relationship pretty well, and has the bonus of casting yaoi undertones.
3) I LIKE THE SONG, DAMNIT..... there, I admit it!!

For those that think it can't be done, I dare you to watch it!

...Final Battle ~ 03/08/2006
A short video set to the dramatic last half of Rhapsody's "Dawn of Victory" song which I think is just beautifully perfect for the final battle between Dante and Vergil in Devil May Cry 3.

...Dante > Nero - 03/01/2008
Well, I've always wanted to make a music video set to the Diva Dance from Fifth Element ("Lucia di Lammermoor" by Inva Mula-Tchako), and since Nero's girlfriend is an Opera singer I though it fitting to dedicate this song to their undying love......... Just kidding, I hate Nero... a lot. I just figured the last third of the song works great to show how effortlessly better Dante is than Nero. It's short but effective. This is also the first time that I tried to incorporate in-game sounds (slashes, gunshots, Nero's growling) into the mix. I wish I had better quality video, and I wish the Lucifer weapon turned out cooler, but oh well.


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Fan Fiction.....
My first and only attempt at fanfiction, it is a combination of Missions 7 and 13 from the game Devil May Cry 3. Although my reasons for writing this are of a personal nature, suffice to say it was meant to vividly explore feelings of vulnerability, loss of control, powerlessness, pain, transience, death, and subsequent rebirth:

Dante's Awakening

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